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Приемная гл. врача: +7(4722) 55-85-70
E-mail: reception@gb2bel.ru

Адрес: 308036, г. Белгород, ул. Губкина, д. 46.

Областное государственное бюджетное учреждение здравоохранения 
 «Городская больница №2 г. Белгорода»

Medical tourism




is a multidisciplinary hospital in which
  • 22 specialized departments are functioning,
  • deployed 1223 beds for round-the-clock stay of patients
Equally, taking into account the demand, the departments of the therapeutic and surgical profile are presented.

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In addition to the treatment base, the hospital fully has modern diagnostic equipment, including

  • magnetic resonance and computed tomography
  • angiograph
  • ultrasound and endoscopic devices
  • X-ray and laboratory equipment
which allows for the shortest possible time to conduct a complete and comprehensive examination of patients and begin high-quality treatment from the first hours after treatment, in accordance with the approved standards and procedures for the provision of medical care.

Specialized medical care is provided by 313 doctors, of whom 70% have the highest and first qualification category, 790 average medical workers of which 65% have the highest and first category, 7 doctors are awarded the title of Honored Doctor of the Russian Federation, 11 employees are bearing the sign “ Excellent student of healthcare ”, 15 doctors have a PhD degree in medical sciences, 1 doctor has a doctor of medical sciences.

The presence of modern operating rooms equipped according to the European standard, the qualifications of surgeons, anesthetists allows 90% of cases to be performed with less trauma, using endoscopic equipment, both in elective and emergency surgery on all organs and systems of a sick person, which is significantly reduces the risk of possible postoperative complications and leads to a quick recovery of patients.


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+7 (4722) 51-03-03, +7 (4722) 40-77-03 - DEPARTMENT OF PAID SERVICES

Medical services are provided on the basis of the list of works (services) constituting medical activities

issued by the Department of Health and Social Protection of the Belgorod Region.

Приемная гл. врача: +7(4722) 55-85-70
E-mail: reception@gb2bel.ru

Адрес: 308036, г. Белгород, ул. Губкина, д. 46.